Nine Urban Biotopes, or, a view of Johannesburg from Berlin. - link


A video by Yerba Buena Center for the Arts: South African artist Terry Kurgan creates a participatory public art project inspired by the vast community. - link

A video from the exhibition, Public Intimacy, at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. - link

Exhibition: ‘Public Intimacy: Art and Other Ordinary Acts in South Africa’ at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco. By Dr Marcus Bunyan.- link


Public Art/Private Lives reviews the career of Terry Kurgan, culminating in her social art project, Hotel Yeoville. - link

“Social responsibility meets mainstream art in this chronicle of public, private and mundane lives” by Percy Zvomuya. - link

The Hotel Yeoville book documents a ‘multiplatform archive of urban life.’ - link

Terry Kurgan: Public Art/Private Lives brochure. - link

Hotel Yeoville, in Le Monde: A review of the exhibition at La Gite Lyrique in Paris. - link


In this film Terry Kurgan returns to Joubert Park in the heart of Johannesburg… - link

“Terry Kurgan’s Still Life make interesting points about the nature of perception, memory and transitive meaning”: a review by Chris Roper. - link

Mary Corrigall’s in-depth commentary on art – Jozi Art round-up: Goodman, Marx, Kurgan and Rosengarten. - link

Kurgan and Rosengarten fill that creative space by, what seems to be their translation of photographs in their respective drawings on exhibition at GALLERY AOP. - link


The Mail and Guardian reviews the interactive environment of the Hotel Yeoville Project. - link

“Hotel Yeoville: Johannesburg” on Networked Performance. - link

To do in Joburg: A review of Hotel Yeoville by Laurice Taitz. - link

Terry Kurgan’s Hotel Yeoville” on Mary Corrigall’s Blog, Mary Corrigall’s in-depth commentary on art. - link

A review of the Hotel Yeoville project. - link

“Hotel Yeoville: a public art project and online community” published by The Archival Platform, University of Cape Town,  13th June 2010 - link

Project Hotel Yeoville: A review by Latitude, an online platform for urban research and design based in Belgium and Italy. - link


“Testing the Rhetoric” a story by Terry Kurgan published in the Rhodes Journalism Review: a specialist magazine for journalists aimed at heightening their contribution to democracy and development. - link


The Mail and Guardian by Matthew Krouse: “In the central court artist Terry Kurgen has installed an exhibition…” - link


From the archive: “Kurgan wen FNB Vita-Kunsprys” by Laetitia Pople. - link

From the archive: “A feature on an artist in the public eye – Terry Kurgan” by Sue Williamson. - link

From the archive: “Shooting From the Hip” by Kathryn Smith. - link


Die Burger: “Grense van die Kyker Hier Deur Foto’s Verken” by Cobus van Bosch. - link


Joernaal: Kuns & Vermaak “Polity van Liggaam Openbarend Beskou” by Cobus van Bosch. - link


Mail and Guardian News: “Brenda Atkinson reports on an art exhibition causing an ethical stir.” - link

Mail and Guardian: “Taboo or not Taboo” by Brenda Atkinson. - link

Joernaal: Kuns & Vermaak “Seksuela taboes rondom kindwees subtiel aangeraak” by Cobus van Bosch. - link